Daydreaming and Designing

It was Friday in the office, and my mind is began to wander. For some reason, that generally means I am going to be designing quietly on my computer. Posting a few design options for my own living room that I never seem to be able to finish. There never seems to be enough time, or money, or the combination of the two. So I continually create iterations. Some days I want bold color. The other a sophisticated mix of neutrals and metallics. Each of these sheets is a rough draft of an idea: a few minute sketch to understand a thought process. I thought it might be interesting to you to see how I go about synthesizing ideas, trying out gestures, and refining an interior before I actually pull the trigger. Check them out. Curious what you think.


John Lyle Designs

Always a fan of good accessories, I for one and super excited to preview John Lyle Design's new product line at Holly Hunt next week. Truth be told, the bourbon and bbq are also great incentives to check out this party. Attached is the invite, and your all welcome to come. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Cocktails with Mr Call - for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

A sincere Thank You to all that helped make "Cocktails with Mr Call" a night to remember. The evening raised over $7,500 in donations, all of which will go directly towards refurnishing The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island For those of you that could not make it, don't worry!! There is still an opportunity to show your support. We have a ways to go on our fundraiser support page on IndieGogo. Any amount of donation at our fund raising page would be a blessing: SUPPORT HERE! 

Blenko Art Glass

As you all know, I am a big supporter of American crafts and designs. Blenko Art Glass is right there at the top of the list of company's that I personally covet. Bold scale, incredible silhouettes and daring color...these pieces pack a ton of personality. These photos are from Damon Crain, a collector and dealer that has singlehandedly helped educate me about these incredible pieces. Currently, he is displaying an incredible collection at the DDC here in New York in a rare exhibition. Be sure to check it out at DDC, 136 Madison Avenue at 31st Street through July 20, 2013

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Working on the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island charity has been life changing. Spent the afternoon at the house meeting the staff and doing work on our redesign of one of their family rooms. I left feeling so encouraged and full of inspiration. Today was a very good day.

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The Perfect Summer Bag

Every guy needs the perfect Summer bag. They are essential at MCD. You always catch me with one full of fabric samples, presentation materials, or even clothes for a quick weekend trip. Coach, the leader in classic American leather goods launched their men's options recently. Check out this great article on The Manual to see some of the best. 

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Mr Call LUVS Dubbel Duffel

After the DETAILS article came out yesterday about Mr Call's beach necessities, our office received a surprise from the folks behind DUBBEL DUFFEL. Today the team at MCD (the ones that didn't have a Summer Friday at least) put together a photoshoot on the streets of NYC to express our enthusiasm for their brand, and to say "Thank You". Check out the photos (and a few Vine movies) here. And be sure to see their website here

Details Magazine

The June issue if Details magazine just launched. I did a little editorial in it with Cannon cameras about my favorite Summer destinations and "must haves". A buddy just sent in this snapshot. Can't wait to go grab a copy!!!!!

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Homme Design

A mens interior inspired by The Great Gatsby? Sounds good, right? Check out my piece on The Manual to see how you can get this look at home! It will have everyone whispering the name, "Daisy". Check it out here

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