CLIENT PROPOSAL: Blues and Grays for a young Brooklyn family

It's that time again. The Brooklyn project is 75% done, and it's time to think about decorative accents, and especially pillows. 

Our chairs from MItchell Gold Bob Williams are covered in a pattern called "Dora Slate". Its an lyrical print with oversize white chrysanthemums on a blue/grey background.  This print has tons of personality, so the rest of the accessories only need to fulfill supporting roles. 

The bolster that comes with the chair is kinda "bleh", so we are proposing to recover it in the Thomas O'Brien Ikat from Lee Joffa.  

On the sofa we are going to layer some other pillows to tie the room together. This schematic is grounded by a 22" rafia pillow with a graphic ribbon detail framing the face front. To add visual interest, without too much more visual weight, we are going to set 18" neutral pillows from BELLA studios that have a great diagonal brickwork pattern embroidered on them. 

Check out this proposal for our young Brooklyn family and let us know what you think!

-Mr Call


  1. "Dora Slate" fabric on the Mitchell Gold Chairs
  2. Going to re-upholster the bolster (is that, like, interior design rap?) with this great ikat
  3. On the sofa, we will have a pair of these 22" beauties from Clayton Grey Home. 
  4. This 18" monochromatic pillow will sit in front of the contrast welt pillow.