The challenge of decorating businesses vs. personal residences is creating interiors with broad appeal, signature aesthetics with hard wearing finishes.  For a recent commission, MR CALL created a modern, gender neutral loft like space for a growing voice studio in Manhattan. Check out the furnishings we proposed after the jump...

-Mr Call


  1. CB2 has gotten into the limited edition furniture craze. The "Chop" stool is their first offering of this series. Check it out!...
  2.'s a secret resource. "Organic Modernism" is all I can say.
  3. The business caters to a holistic lifestyle. I am not sure what that means...but it must have something to do with Buddha, right? This overscale beauty (almost 2 feet tall!!!!) fits the bill ! 
  5. "Neutra-face"...the most elegant font around. We are getting the logo custom laser cut out of aluminum slabs to mount to the wall. You can get a similar look by using DWR's ready made house numbers...
  7. The Eames fiberglass chair with dowel legs. A design classic. 
  9. Once you go Farrow and Ball "Off Black" never go back. Try this nuanced paint for a delicious interior. 
  11. Tables under 40" difficult to find. This new piece from West Elm absolutely fits the bill. (And it looks like a child cut it out of paper. Very cute!)
  13. The "KULLA" from Ikea. The best part about this lamp is the diffuser. It creates the BEST light of any lamp I have ever seen. 
  15. Floor length mirrors are difficult. Either they are expensive, gaudy, or just plain ugly. The "HEMNES" from Ikea is an MCD favorite. 
  17. What ever happened to the industrial lights that Avedon used to illuminate his studio? They were reinterpreted by CB2 for the modern home. The beacon light sets the standard for mobile lighting.