COLOR THEORY: Fire Island Color Story

Had a great weekend in Fire Island. Took snapshots everywhere to post here on the MR CALL DESIGNS blog. 

Wanted to do a story about color palettes. The color blue is often times overused in seaside homes. Mr Call advises clients draw inspiration from their environment instead of relying on cliche. Off of Long Island, you will see very little true blue actually exists. In its place are stormy grays, translucent greens and shocking acid yellows. 

If MR CALL was to design a Summer retreat (cough, cough...for anyone listening), he would avoid the ubiquitous blue, and instead reach for one of these inspired hues. Follow the link to check the latest color story out...

- Mr Call

  1. Benjamin Moore "STILLWATER" 1650
  2. Benjamin Moore "AT SEA" 666
  3. Benjamin Moore "BEACH GLASS" 1564
  4. Benjamin Moore "CITRON COCKTAIL" 410