Design Tip: Not All Frames are Create Equal

Mr Call is a strong advocate for simple frames and mattes. Used singularly or clustered in groups, this is a fail safe way to create beautiful focal points on your walls. However, please use caution. Not all frames are created equal. This is an area where details make the difference. The matte paper needs to be of high quality, this is something that the eye senses immediatley. The finish on the frame needs to be flawless. And MOST importantly, the joinery (or seams at the corners) need to be PERFECT. If each of these items isn't individually perfect, the flaws will distract the eye and take away from the artwork that should be the center of attention. But don't fear, you don't neccessarily need to get expensive frames. The POTTERY BARN STUDIO FRAMES have long been a trick of desginers and stagers alike when looking for a high quality frame that will show off artwork to its best advantage. These affordably priced pieces are a staple in many of Mr Call Designs projects, and will be your best friend the next time you go to dress a favorite picture. 

Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames.jpeg

Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames-1.jpeg