Lampe Gras

Deemed “The Original Architect's Lamp” Lampe Gras is a perfect example of beauty and function in an exquisitely made piece of functional art. In 1921, an engineer by the name of Bernard Albin Gras designed a series of lamps for use in offices and industrial locations. Held together without screws or welded joints, the Lampe Gras became the darling of not only architects but also of those with an eye for interior design.

It was the favorite of such notables as Le Corbusier, the ‘godfather of modern architecture’, who dubbed the lamp ‘type-object’, meaning it was an ‘object reduced to its pure function’. Production stopped at the outbreak of World War II and only now, after more than of a year of experimentation, they are once again being made by hand, in France and sold exclusively to consumers through Holly Hunt. We also think they're very reasonable...prices range from $425 to $995. To learn more click here