Quite Furniture

More often than not, I get clients that scratch their head at the simplicity of furnishings that I propose on projects. Coupled with the fact that many of the pieces are extraordinarily expensive - much trust has to be gained before people invest in pieces that they don't originally get a "Wow" factor from. I guess that is where education comes into play. As you see the furniture market over the years, and are exposed to many dramatic pieces that end up looking dated shorlty after they are revealed, much comfort and confidence is gained in the time tested and true designers that excelled at their craft, and created pieces that whispered their elegance instead of having to raise their voices. One such piece is this Jacques Adnet armchair that is currently on sale at Grange Furniture. While no single element screams for attention, the combination of design decisions creates a formidable piece of furniture. Check it out here. Thoughts?http://hedge.1stdibs.com/store/furniture_item_detail.php?id=494206